Online Visa Application Tracker


If you applied your visas from India for various countries you can click on the below link to check the visa status

1) Applied for Australia Visa (If applied before 1st July 13)
                Australia Visa (If applied after 1st July 13)

2) Applied for Austria Visa

3) Applied for Belgium Visa

4) Applied for Brazil Visa

5) Applied for Canada Visa

6) Applied for Denmark Visa

7) Applied for  France Visa

8) Applied for Germany Visa (For Delhi & Chennai)

9) Applied for Greece Visa

10) Applied for Gibraltar &UK Overseas

11) Applied for Hungary

12) Applied for Iceland Visa

13) Applied for Ireland Visa

14) Applied for Italy Visa (If Applied at Delhi)

                  Italy Visa (If Applied at Mumbai)

                  Italy Visa (If Applied at Kolkata)

15) Applied for Japan Visa 

16) Applied for Malaysia Visa

17) Applied for Malta Visa

18) Applied for   Netherlands Visa 

19) Applied for Nigeria Visa 

 20) Applied for Norway Visa 

21) Applied for New Zealand Visa 

22) Applied for Portugal Visa 

23) Applied for Poland Visa 

24) Applied for Republic of Korea

25) Applied for Slovenia Visa

26) Applied for South Africa 

27) Applied for Spain Visa 

28) Applied for Sweden Visa 

29) Applied for Switzerland Visa (for New Delhi North & East )

               Switzerland Visa (Mumbai West & South India)

30) Applied for Thailand Visa (For New Delhi & Chennai )

31)Applied for Thailand Visa (Mumbai,Ahmedabad,Pune,Goa,Indore)

32) Applied for Turkey Visa

33) Applied for United Arab Emirates (if apply for Emirates Ticket)

34) Applied for UK Visa

35) Applied for USA Visa



  1. How much time does it take for uk visa process?

  2. Officically, they say, within 15 working days which excludes saturday and sunday and nay other public holiday. However, you may get your visa sooner also. It depends on the bulk of visa application, the high commission has to process.

  3. Can we know uk visa whether rejected or not through site

  4. Normally, how long the VISA process for Long - term takes for European countries. Especially Germany, Greece, Sweden. please let me know at the earliest.

  5. by and large, long category visa will take more than 4weeks.